The social unrest recently experienced in Charlottesville, Virginia might lead some Christians to believe that “racism” is a human evil practiced only by white Nationalists and Neo-Nazi. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Racism is also an issue deeply rooted in America’s theological history. In fact, here I argue that “faulty theology” is the root of all racial evils. Allow me to share one historical example: One of these two men has been called “America’s Spiritual Founding Father“, while the other is regarded as the Founder of the “Methodist” movement. Although they were ministerial colleagues, George Whitefield and John Wesley… Continue Reading

We are less than a month away from this year’s presidential elections and I think it is a good time to debunk the notorious “lesser of two evils” fallacy. So let’s begin! For my beloved Christians out there: Which of these sins is worst: a) Xenophobia b) Deliberate termination of intrauterine life c) Lying d) Racism e) Lasciviousness f) Rape g) None of the above When it comes to scriptures we can refer to passages such as Matthew 11:22, Luke 10:12, John 19:11. There we will learn that although the punishment may vary, all sins separate us from the presence… Continue Reading

In a recent interview in MSNBC Rev. Tony Suarez, a member of Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Committee shared his thoughts about this year’s election. After being asked about Trump’s apparent softening of his immigration stance, Rev. Suarez said that he would vote for the candidate that “aligns more with his values”. Now we have to ask, is that what we Latino Evangelicals are supposed to do, vote for the candidate that aligns more with our Christian values? First, we need to ask why do Evangelicals insist on “voting their values” when that is actually an implausible proposition? I mean, what political… Continue Reading

And who is my neighbor? Often times we think this is the question that the parable of “The Good Samaritan” (Luke 10″25-27) seeks to answer. A closer look at the context of this narrative reveals that the issue at hand is more complex than it seems. Rather than being able to identify our “neighbors”, Jesus wants the “expert in the law” to ponder whether “he is a neighbor” to others. This kind of task requires a type of transformation that only the “Spirit of the living God” can provide. *** A sermon preached at Newton Presbyterian Church on July 17,… Continue Reading

Friends, I have not written in a while. I have been really busy lately. Those who know my situation would most likely concur with my assessment. Nevertheless, I feel the need to address a situation that is currently plaguing the Latin American world; (And I plan to do so in 800 words of less) It’s kind of funny that I initially set out to write this entry in Spanish, but if I would have done so I would have missed the intended audience. That in itself encompasses the goal of this short message. Should anything be translated? Sure, why not?… Continue Reading

One of the most important sections in the first letter to Timothy is usually remembered by the following line: “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” This statement occurs in the context of Paul’s invitation for us to reflect on the ways in which the love of money distorts our judgments and priorities (see 1 Timothy 6:7-11). A close reading of this passage suggests that, like today, in ancient times there were many people that assessed human worth according to the riches and possessions that one could accumulate. This is the reason why some devoted… Continue Reading